Stifling heat dangerous to our pets … know the warning signs

Baby, it’s hot out there! The Dog Days of Summer arrived a bit earlier than usual (that term is usually reserved for August), and much of the nation is sweltering these days.

I’m fortunate to work from home, where I can put our dogs in the air-conditioned house. Yes, they want to be outside, but it takes only a few minutes for them to realize perhaps indoors is the place for them. When they are out, we find the shady spots near our home and I make sure to fill up their kiddie pool with fresh cold water. So far, they’re surviving.

There also are products available, such as cooling pads and beds that sit up off the floor, to help keep our furry friends stay cool.

My friends at The Uncommon Dog sent along a cool infographic on recognizing heat stroke in our dogs. It’s especially important to keep our dogs cool in this 90-plus degree heat, with heat indexes hitting 100 in many parts of the country. Be sure to take a look, and take action if your dog is suffering from heat stroke (do not put your dog in an ice bath … use a cool damp towel to cool them instead!).

Thanks, Uncommon Dog, for the info, and stay cool!

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