At last, the saga of little Foxy has a happy ending (or beginning)

A little dog who went through a very strange odyssey has found her forever home.

The story of the Chihuahua mix is a sad and bizarre one, but alas, it has a happy ending (so far). At just eight weeks old, Foxy was “found” in a trash can by a young woman in  Grand Rapids. The woman said her family couldn’t keep the puppy, and did the right thing by bringing it to the Kent County Animal Shelter.

Foxy had a badly injured eye that required surgery, which was performed the day after she was brought in. The eye couldn’t be saved, but the veterinarian at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Grand Rapids said because of her age, she should have no problems adjusting to life with one eye.

After the surgery, applications began pouring in from people interested in adopting Foxy.

This is where the story took a strange turn. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Foxy wasn’t “found” by the young woman… she had Foxy for a few weeks before turning her over to the animal shelter. The woman, who is 18, said she didn’t want to be perceived as a “bad person” for leaving an injured puppy at the animal shelter, so she made up the story of finding Foxy in the trash can.

In late February, while she was still recovering from surgery and awaiting adoption, Foxy had to be quarantined after she bit someone who came to visit her. It’s not unusual for a puppy to bite, nor is it unusual for an injured (or recovering) dog to bite. And while she didn’t have rabies or any other disease that would endanger a human, the quarantine was standard procedure at the animal shelter.

Finally, on Thursday, it was announced Foxy had found her forever home. Erin Fisher, a 28-year-old from Oceana County (just north of Muskegon County) is taking little Foxy home. Erin’s family had previously rescued a Yorkie that was missing an eye and has seen first-hand how well a dog can adapt. The fact that Erin also is familiar with smaller dog breeds bodes well for Foxy.

Here’s to a long and happy life for Foxy, and congratulations to Erin on the new addition to her family.

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  1. God bless Erin for taking on this poor little girl! I’m sure Foxy and her new family will simply adore each other. We have a Chihuahua mix we adopted from the Kent County Animal Shelter, and he is a true delight in my life.

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