DaVinci Foundation food drive nets two tons for Detroit-area pets in need

"Big D" DaVinci, spokesdog of the DaVinci Foundation for Animals. (Candilynn and Michael Lockhart photo)

“Big D” DaVinci, spokesdog of the DaVinci Foundation for Animals. (Candilynn and Michael Lockhart photo)

By Mary Ullmer

I’ve never met Candilynn and Michael Lockhart, yet we’ve formed a bond. That bond is based in our love of pets, and in efforts to help pets in need.

The Lockharts, who write and shoot photos for the “Doggy Destination” stories in Dogs Unleashed magazine (a product of U.S. Retail Inc.’s Pet Supplies Plus franchises), are co-founders of the non-profit DaVinci Foundation for Animals.

Together with their dog, Big D DaVinci, they’ve raised funds for pets in need in the Detroit area. Their latest effort, a food drive that ran through the month of April, resulted in two tons of pet food being donated to Detroit area rescues, shelters and low-income families to ensure pets do not go hungry.

The foundation teamed up with DogTipper.com, BringFido.com and Pedigree for the DaVinci’s Detroit Initiative Food Drive.

Through the AAAR Paws for Life program, the food will be distributed throughout Detroit to any family or person with pets in need of assistance as well as to several rescues, shelters and food banks. Because of the success of  the food drive, Paws for Life, Detroit’s second largest food bank, will have food available to assist families and help feed homeless dogs in Detroit throughout the summer.

“We believe that no dog should to go hungry, all we need to do is band together,”  Candilynn and Michael said in a press release.

If you live in Michigan, you’ve no doubt been made aware of the stray pet population in Detroit, and the organizations working to do something about it. Candilynn and Michael are just getting started, and they’ve already done a world of good for pets in need in the Detroit area. Their organization’s motto is “Creating a better world for animals one city at a time.” I encourage you to learn more about the DaVinci Foundation for Animals by checking out their website, TheDavinciFoundation.org.

The organization’s official mascot, DaVinci (aka Big D) also has a Facebook page to keep supporters up to date on their many activities aimed toward helping pets in the Detroit area.

Mary Ullmer is editor and creator of Dogs Unleashed magazine. To subscribe to Dogs Unleashed, go to getdogsunleashed.com or visit the website, dogsunleashedmag.com. Be sure to “like” the magazine’s Facebook page!

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