Sweet little stray benefits from kindness of strangers

The lucky little dog went to her new home in much better shape than when her new owners found her.

The lucky little dog went to her new home in much better shape than when her new owners found her.

I’m not sure how it happens, but it seems to happen often. I run into a dog who needs help. Or people who need help with a dog.

The other day, I attended a funeral visitation in Muskegon. Since I was in the area, I thought I’d stop by the Muskegon Humane Society to drop off some issues of Dogs Unleashed magazine. I knew they were closed on Wednesdays, but I also knew someone would be there tending to the animals.

An older couple pulled into the parking lot just after I had arrived. I informed them the shelter was closed, but that we could likely rouse someone. The woman had a little dog wrapped in a towel, so I inquired whether the dog was injured.

When she was found, the Shih Tzu mix was covered in fleas and dirt.

When she was found, the Shih Tzu mix was covered in fleas and dirt.

It was not, she said, but it did have issues. The little dog was found wandering up and down their street, barely avoiding getting hit by a car. She was covered in fleas and had no collar or tags. She was thin and clearly dehydrated. The couple wanted to keep the dog, but wasn’t sure what to do about the fleas. They were hoping Muskegon Humane Society could help.

Sure enough, Andrea Benes Bruce of MHS came out. She checked the dog for a microchip; there was none. She wasn’t able to help with the fleas, especially since their office was closed. I grabbed my smart phone and searched for a groomer. Turns out Kimmy’s Pampered Paws pet grooming was practically around the corner. Since I had magazines to deliver, I offered to have the couple follow me there, where we hopefully could talk Kimmy into an “emergency groom” for the poor little girl.

Kim Vanderberg, owner of Kimmy’s Pampered Paws, didn’t hesitate to take the dog in, even though she was busy grooming another dog. She told the couple it would take a few hours … a flea soak, shave down, etc., would be in order. She also advised them to de-flea their home since they had brought the dog in, attempting to bathe her themselves. She took their number and said she’d call when the dog was finished.

When the couple left, I slipped Kim some money to pay for the grooming. After seeing the condition of the dog, I figured it was the least I could do to help. The little girl (they hadn’t figured out a name for her yet) was going to need a visit to the vet. She also was going to have to be spayed — it appeared she may have been in season — and would need licensing and likely vaccinations.

A big thanks to Kimmy's for their willingness to perform an "emergency groom."

A big thanks to Kimmy’s for her willingness to perform an “emergency groom.”

There are some serious expenses awaiting the new owners, and I thought having the grooming taken care of was one less thing they’d have to worry about. I was so impressed and thankful that they took the time to help the dog that Ii wanted to help them.

And a huge thank you to Kimmy’s Pampered Paws for taking her in on a moment’s notice, and for making her look and feel beautiful. A good dog day, indeed.


One thought on “Sweet little stray benefits from kindness of strangers

  1. OMG . . . thanks heaped upon thanks to the kind couple who took in this poor little girl, and thank you, too, Andrea of MHS for coming to the aid of the doggy and the couple, and to you Kimmy for the emergency groom, and to you Dogs Unleashed for your generous monetary gift to the groomer. Thank of all the caring hands and hearts involved in rescuing this tiny dog. Makes my heart sing!

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