Photo gallery: Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery and Crematory

A variety of decorative urns for cats available at Sleepy Hollow.

Pets' remains can be combined with an organic soil solution in a biodegradable container suitable for planting with trees, roses or other perennials.

A glass-blown globe contains a small amount of the deceased pet's remains.

Photo etchings of pets in either marble or granite are available for headstones.

Images of a pet's paw print or nose print can be etched into silver or gold and made into custom jewelry.

3 thoughts on “Photo gallery: Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery and Crematory

  1. I am interested in the cat urn pictured on the far right (white-type color). A number of questions:

    1) Do you ship to the US
    2) If so, do you accept payment via Paypal
    3) What is the price of this particular urn
    4) Please describe opening of urn bottom (i.e, does urn accommodate bagged cremains)

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email inquiry, even though it was sent to the incorrect person.
    I appreciate.

    Good day.

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