BISSELL Pet Foundation responds to Allegan dogs’ needs with $10,000 donation

The response to the dog hoarding/puppy mill case this week in Allegan County has been overwhelming, bringing hundreds of volunteers, supplies and monetary donations.

Count the BISSELL Pet Foundation among the emergency responders to come to the aid of the 352 seized dogs currently being cared for by the Allegan County Animal Shelter.

The foundation, created by animal advocate and BISSELL Inc. director of corporate affairs Cathy Bissell, on Wednesday afternoon delivered a $10,000 donation check to help pay for the medical treatment of the Shih Tzus, Pomeranians and other small breed dogs. A BISSELL representative presented the donation to Susan Smith, president of the Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance, which runs the Allegan Shelter.

“We obviously saw it unfolding in the media, and our Amanda Parrish (a BISSELL Inc. employee) volunteered down there, so we made some connections with them,” said Veronica Dainelis, administrative assistant in the executive office at BISSELL Inc. “Cathy wanted to immediately respond.

“Three hundred and fifty dogs is a huge financial responsibility, and we felt the best way we could help was through a monetary donation. They need food and other in-kind donations that are easier for the public to purchase, but most people can’t fund heartworm tests, vaccines, dental work and the routine care these dogs are going to need. We thought it best to send monetary support so they could get the medical care they need.”

Dainelis was told it’s doubtful many of the dogs rescued have ever seen a veterinarian.

“They have a lot of issues typical of small breed dogs who don’t get veterinary care, including poor dental health, abscess teeth and skin conditions because of a lack of grooming,” Dainelis said. “Those all cost a significant amount of money, so we wanted to do what we could to help provide them care.”

The BISSELL Pet Foundation, which was founded in late 2011, had come to the aid of an animal cruelty case in Kentucky, where 96 dogs were saved by Animal Rescue Corps. In that case, BPF gave a $7,500 grant to help pay for medical expenses from the “Operation Sweethearts” placement partners.

When it came time to help out a shelter in the Grand Rapids-based company’s own back yard, there was no hesitation.

“Cathy immediately wanted to get money to them,” Dainelis said. “She recognized the urgency and need of these animals and wanted to support this effort in a big. way.”


12 thoughts on “BISSELL Pet Foundation responds to Allegan dogs’ needs with $10,000 donation

  1. Thank you so much Bissell for this wonderful donation. As I helped those 353 dogs get checked in and examined by the veterinary staff it was very clear that for this to be an Angel Mission much help would be needed. After reading of your wonderful donation I am now sure that these animals will have a much brighter future.

    Thank you for your wonderful donation.

  2. Thank you, Bissell, Inc., for your donation to help Michigan’s ever-growing homeless pet/animal population! This company ROCKS! (And yes, I have a Bissell and USE IT! Now, if only I could find someone ELSE to actually perform all of my vacuuming needs!)

  3. I too have a Bissell and will spread the story of this company’s generosity. Everyone needs to support this Business for their very unselfish donation in this crisis situation. Bravo!

  4. I am so grateful to live where we live and know there are companies like BISSELL. Thank you so much for all you do to help pets in need.

  5. Thank you on behalf of all the dogs that your generous gift will allow them to experience the love and companionship that all dogs deserve. WOOF ! WOOF !

  6. Thank you Bissell for your generous donation and support of the Allegan County Shelter regarding the puppy mill situation. You are amazing – God Bless!

  7. It’s generosity like yours that make this country a great one. Thanks so much for your donation to help out in this time of need. It is very much appreciated. :-)

  8. I have been volunteering down at the Allegan Shelter this week and just want to thank you so much for your compassion and generosity. These dogs have been terribly neglected and thanks to you they will be able to get the vet care they so desperately need. God Bless You!

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