‘Underwater Dogs’ a bargain and a must-have book for dog lovers

Our hardcover copy of “Underwater Dogs” arrived Thursday, and even our corgi, Truman, enjoyed the fantastic photos.

If you enjoyed the small sampling of photos in the first issue of our free bi-monthly magazine, Dogs Unleashed, you’ll really dig the hardcover book “Underwater Dogs” by photographer Seth Casteel.

I had pre-ordered mine a couple of months ago, and it arrived yesterday. I’m here to tell you, it is fantastic. And for only $11.62, you’d be wise to order a few as Christmas gifts for your dog-loving friends and family.

The book is page after page — 132 pages! — of spectacular photos of dogs diving under water and even lists the name, breed and age of each dog in the photo. Many of the photos are new to those of us who have viewed Casteel’s work on his Little Friends Photo website. At the end of the book are “mug shots” of each dog as they appear on land.

Congratulations to Casteel on a fabulous book that belongs on every dog lover’s coffee table!

To order your copy, or purchase an “Underwater Dogs” calendar, head to Little Friends Photo site.


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