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6 thoughts on “DOGS UNLEASHED

  1. i would love to get a copy of Dogs Unleashed because my grand dog is featured in the september issue. Marvin and Tom Lewis from Louisville. how can i get a copy? thank you in advance. patricia

  2. How exciting to read about Dogs Unleashed on RPSM’s facebook – could you please forward me the printed ediition of the article on Refurbished Pets Southern Michigan? My son in one of the trainers at the Lakeland Correctional Facility for RPSM, and always likes to receive information on RPSM and the dogs and shares it with the other trainers.

    Thank you for your publication. Where can I purchase a copy of Dogs Unleashed in the Detroit Metro area?

    Keep up the good work!
    Pat Makowski

    • Thanks for writing, Pat. I emailed you regarding sending you a few complimentary copies since it is not yet available in Metro Detroit. However, beginning in March, readers can subscribe to Dogs Unleashed. Details haven’t been worked out yet, but stay tuned. You’ll be able to enjoy the magazine delivered straight to your home!

  3. Great article about RPSM! I am a former Corrections Officer at this very prison and excited to see that this program was implimented! Its a win/win for both canine & resident! Would it be possible to send me a copy of this issue? And have you ever done an article on therapy dogs? I have an Airedale Terrier rescue from Startng Over Airedale Rescue, Howell, MI that became a member of Therapy Dog International a mere two months after her adoption…what a testiment to an awsome dog that I now get to share with others. All this while battling Plechner’s Syndome.
    Thank You,
    Darla Dickensheets

  4. Hey there! My fiancé and I (and our dogs) were in the “This Cat is Going to the Dogs” article in the July-August Issue. I was wondering how I might go about getting a couple of copies for posterity’s sake. It was a pretty fantastic article by the way if I do say so myself.

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