Check out Great Pyrenees/alpaca outtakes from Dogs Unleashed photo shoot

Alpacas from Irish Rose Alpaca Farm in Ada, featured in the November/December issue of Dogs Unleashed. (Photo by Jennifer Waters/Grumpy Pups Pet Photography)

If you’ve managed to get your paws on a copy of the latest edition of Dogs Unleashed magazine (we’re out distributing daily if we haven’t hit your area yet!), you no doubt were impressed by our “Working Like a Dog” feature about the 10 Great Pyrenees who are guardians of an alpaca herd in Ada.

The story was written by LeAnn Secord and the stunning photos come courtesy of Jennifer Waters, owner of Grumpy Pups Pet Photography. Jennifer, who recently added to her family of grumpy pups by adopting a boxer from Harbor Humane Society (giving her three boxers), has posted “outtakes” from the photo shoot at Irish Rose Alpaca Farm.

Be sure to check out the additional photos on Jennifer’s blog via her Grumpy Pups website. I’m especially fond of the one featuring the alpha dog of the house, the Jack Russell terrier named Tucker (sorry, my JRT bias is showing again!).

A big thanks to Lori Anderson and John Byrne, owners of Irish Rose Alpaca Farm, for opening up their home and sharing their wonderful story with Dogs Unleashed.